WTEED GmbH was founded in October 2010 in Vienna.

Mr. Nickel has previously operated the company Martin Nickel, International Trading (since 2006).

It all started as an international trading company.

Over the years the LED has developed rapidly and became an interesting alternative to fluorescent and incandescent bulb and energy saving lamp

Years of imports of LED lighting products, and countless trips to the factories in China, did not improve the quality, certification and warranty issues to our satisfaction.

The weak euro, rising labour costs in China, and still declining quality have meant that despite China blindness were not tired to keep our eyes open Worldwide.

We did try to produce in Thailand, Philippines, Mexico and Dominican Republic as an alternative, but at the end came back to home: EUROPE with EU quality standards, certifications and law.

Since September 2012 we are now producing ALL of our products exclusively in the European Union, according to Austrian design.